Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Update: Lions' Safety

Figured I would do this one in text versus audibly. Detroit Lions have picked up Kenoy Kennedy to start at safety. This is very exciting news. I am hoping that Kenoy will continue to be a strong force in the Lions' secondary that he has been for the Broncos. Either way, I say it is good news.

Second the Lions also had an offer accepted by Marcus Pollard, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts. Falling into the older side of the spectrum, it seems that he wants to play his final years here and help out the Lions, and boy can they use the help.

We still need to find that competing quarterback. We also need to find another wideout. The rest of the defense I think that you can pick up folks out of the draft.

I thought more about the Brees option. Yeah, the Lions could probably go get him if they wanted. But for a person who has shown me only one good year, especially only after competition was brought in, doesn't lend for me to have much confidence in him. Now you have to couple that with the need to spend big money on him since he had one good year, I don't think that is a good idea.

Who should they get? I will examine that later.

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