Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Review: The Street Fighter

You may think that this is referring to late nineties video game movie knockoff. Nope, this is original baby. Back in the year 1974, a series of 4 Hong Kong action flicks came out in the series for The Street Fighter.

The Street Fighter (1974)
Return of the Street Fighter (1974)
Sister Street Fighter (1974)
The Street Fighter's Last Revenge (1974)

All but the third movie stars Sonny Chiba. In terms of action films, the quality of the editting gets progressively better as the films go along, but the feats become more and more implausible. I am also going to say that flat out, if you don't like Hong Kong action flicks or if hate bad editting, just turn away now. I have had a ton of fun watching these 4 movies. There is a style that is so unique in the facial expression of Sonny Chiba's fighting that make this a lovable classic.

In the original, we have Terry Suguri (Sonny Chiba) doing bounty hunting for the highest bidder. At some point, he is betrayed by the bad guys and decides to help out the good guys. He then goes on a one man killing spree. Some of irony in the film is from the fact that the initial guy he helps turns out to be his nemesis because of "bad luck". Terry is paid to save a man, but the family doesn't have any money. The brother kills himself, so Terry sells the girl. In the end it proves to be his greatest challenge. Terry Suguri is not a good guy by any sense, but a man who looks out for number one.

The second movie, finds a slightly more loveable Terry Suguri. Again he is in the Bounty Hunting game, but is more selective in his targets. During the progression of the movie, drugs and the western oppression of the east come into play only to have Terry again triumph after near defeat.

The third movie has Sonny Chiba in it, but only as a bit character. The story centers around a female fighter who is out to save the life of her brother. As she progresses through the ranks, killing assassins, she comes to face the reality of what may have become of her brother, betrayal of family, and other very eastern type themes.

The final movie in this series (as far as I know) has Terry, who I would almost classify as a good guy. Trying to stop drug lords and also make a quick buck. He seems to struggle to find a lasting love that does not try to kill him after or during any love-making sessions. And in the end finds grief again.

What can I say. Just fun films.

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