Monday, March 21, 2005

Collaboration Tools

After being pointed to this blog site, by a coworker (James Reagan), I have been reading it regularly. One of Dave Pollard's recent entries is on collaboration tools. For me I see to two reasons to need this kind of article. Often time, you can't see all the different tools before you, or they start to blend together to some gelataneous blog of electrons. Dave has graciously put this information into a wonderful table with some strengths and weaknesses.

Business has been getting progressively more cost conscious yet the need to maintain a global presence is still there. How to do you meet with a team when they are scattered across the globe. Well this gives a few options, if you put them together. But now you require people to be tech savvy. But it is a start.

The other part that I saw, was I have tons of friends spread across the country and I have always had the strong desire to do some collaboration on writing (I can give ideas but please don't ask me to write a single line of dialog, unless you want some imaginative insults, Pringle Raper). But their is a revolution brewing where people can communicate, collaboration in a better way and it is darn exciting.

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