Friday, March 18, 2005

Sun shine and the flu

Ok. I am back. I spent a whole week in Florida, in the Fort Myers area, and managed to feel mighty ill. It was a lot of fun other than that. Let's go for a day by day size up.

Saturday. Waking up at 2:30 am sucks to get your flight. Getting into Ft. Myers before 10am is pretty nice. So the first day, Michelle, Grandma and I went to the Fleamaster, fleamarket. Wow, what HUGE collection of fleas. Really a lot of junk, but some junk was pretty cool. Ate at a nice Italian place for dinner, and had too much wine.

Sunday. Drove down to Naples to visit with my Aunts and Uncles that live down there. Had a casual morning before leaving around noon and found Pat and Red's with no "real" trouble. Had a cook out at Don and Dale's and then meandered home.

Monday. Outlet shopping. Was time to let my wife do some serious shopping, which amounted to not much serious. Hardly spent any money (good) but visited a lot of stores.

Tuesday. Visited Six Mile Cypress Sloughs. Really cool place where we saw tons of native Florida wildlife and some non-native wildlife as well. Snapped a bunch pictures (have to develop as forgot digital camera) and walked around. Went back to Grandma's and played cards. Went out for dinner with my aunt and uncle for mexican. Starting to feel ill. Headaches, etc.

Wednesday. Sat in a boat for almost 8 hours. The result was to spend 4 hours on Key West. Got a tour of the island on "train" and visited the aquarium, and mel fisher treasure museum. It was really cool. Kinda weird. And all together very college spring break like. Except my sickness had NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED. Sad, I know. Definitely want to go back and explore the Keys more.

Thursday. Rained cats and dogs. Some frogs too I think. So being sick, I used it for rest day. Watched some TV. Played some cards. Slept.

Friday. Watched a rain delayed St. Patrick's day parade. Flew home.

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I have cousins who live in Fort Myers!

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