Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lions needs revisited

Let's first start with the original list of needs I put together a couple weeks ago and tag any offseason movement into it.

  1. Veteran QB - Jeff Garcia
  2. Safety - Kenoy Kennedy
  3. Defensive End
  4. Offensive Tackle
  5. Offensive Guard - Rick DeMulling
  6. Center - Dominic Raiola (re-signed)
When doing the original list, I forgot about three positions that need help as two were filled by one year contract guys last year.

  1. Wide Receivers
  2. Tight End - Marcus Pollard
  3. Middle Linebacker (?)
So now we have a few more folks lined up. We definitely need to get an offensive tackle this year with the departure of Stockar McDougle. But from my viewpoint, we can now improve the right tackle spot. Stockar did an excellent job last year, but I can't really tell if that was because of Damien Woody or because it was a contract year. Didn't do well before then.

I am not going to praise the Jeff Garcia pickup. I am not saying he can't do well, but I feel like we just upgraded to a better McMahon. Mobile, inaccurate. Although version two is less mobile, but slightly more accurate.

For Kenoy Kennedy. Rock rock on. Great pickup, will be a solid contributer.

There has been no word on the Defensive End position, but maybe pick up Marques Douglas?

From the rumor mills, the first round pick of the lions this year will be on a offensive tackle, probably Barrons if he is available. What I have heard is that the top three picks will be for both sides of the line.

Rick DeMulling is a great addition, but for center, well, I will leave to my last blog on this topic to say. Marcus Pollard as the Lions tight end is a great thing to see, and would be a great mentor for Casey Fitzsimmons.

Which leaves us with Wide Receiver and Middle Linebacker. I think that you may want to upgrade middle lineback this year. I like Earl Holmes, but you may want to trade away or some other bargaining chip. I really think you could go into the draft and pick up someone in the second or third round, to play backup or pick up someone like Edgerton Hartwell in the free agency. The worry there is he is a 3-4 guy all the way, and may not work out in the 4-3 of the Lions.

And at wide receiver, we have the two young guys, then blah. No offense guys. You are talented athletes, but sometimes if feels like you are wearing concrete gloves. Nothing sticks. I wouldn't take one in the draft, but instead would look into the free agent market, which is not that deep. About the best one still sitting out there is David Givens. Pick him up. Please.

Sometime later I will start talking about my mock drafts.

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