Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weird game name...

Sometimes I wonder where they get the game names that they have.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.


Ben said...

Hey! Disgaea is an awesome game (unfortunately this one happens to be on the PSP, but I still can't knock it).

Amanda said...

Titles they rejected....

Disgaea: A Cloudy Afternoon
Disgaea: Afternoon Tea
Disgaea: In Disguise
Disgaea: Prinnies and Ponies
Disgaea: Cursed Monkeys
Disgaea: Let's Eat Doughnuts
Disgaea: Hour of Variable Winds
Disgaea: More Than An Hour This Time (there was traffic)

Reverend0 said...

So Ben... I really wasn't ripping on the game. Amanda is definitely right that I feel Afternoon of Darkness somewhat non-engaging. It is definitely not something that makes want to save the world as the world will be fine by dinner anyway.

Jefe Le Gran said...

Actually, Afternoon of Darkness isn't a terrible name for a game that involves demonic penguins and a pre-pubescent demon trying to take over hell. (At least that's what the first Disgaea was about.) It was definitely one of the weirder Japanese games I've played. Of course, it's nothing compared with the weirdness that is Katamari.