Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lions predictions....

Well, I might as well...

at OaklandLions winBeating Oakland during this stage of their development should be easy. They are rebuilding
MinnesotaVikings winThe Viking defense will be too much for the Lions. In addition, the run game will eventually just wear out the Lion D.
at PhiladelphiaEagles winAn Eagle team that is not far out of the race from being the Conference champion will have some troubles with the Lion offence, but in the end stopping McNabb and Westbrook will leave the Lions short of the win.
ChicagoBears winThe Lions shutdown the anemic Bears offense, but unfortunately the Bear defense scores more than the Lion offense.
at WashingtonLions winThe Lions D steps up and does its job. The hold the Redskins to 21 points, while the Lion offense racks up 39. All in field goals.
byeNo one winLions bearily beat no body.
Tampa BayLions winThis is probably the best game of the year for the Lions. This will be one of those games where you wonder why the Lions aren't a contender. Then you realize you are watching them play Tampa Bay.
at ChicagoBears winSee previous Bears comments as the same crap will happen again.
DenverBroncos winThe Broncos run game perfectly sets up the pass game as the Broncos D, particularly Bly with 3 INTs, shut down the Lions' offense.
at ArizonaLions winIn general, this is a close one where the total score is over 100 pts.
NY GiantsLions winEli forgets where the end zone is. Either of them for the matter, and only scores for the Lions in the form of a safety. Kitna is injured. There goes the season. Of course I never thought I would say that in regards to Kitna.
Green BayPackers winFarve has stellar game at Detroit. Sets touchdown record.
at MinnesotaVikings winThe Lions put up a bigger fight again, but without Kitna the timing offense of Martz is completely screwed.
DallasCowboys winRomo, Romo, Romo and the blitzing D of the Cowboys.
at San DiegoChargers winEven though the game is meaningless for the Chargers as they have locked the division, the backup players still kill the Lions.
Kansas CityChiefs winLJ LJ LJ. Even with the upgraded run D, the common theme this year is using the run game to setup the pass game against a depleted secondary.
at Green BayLions winGreen Bay was out of the playoff run so they bench Farve (as management could give a rat's ass about a legend) and the Lions completely shut down Rodgers.

All that said we are looking at a record of 6-10. The best record we have had in years!!! Go Lions. Make me proud.

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Anonymous said...

andy sez:

Green Bay will be surprisingly strong. Detroit will not beat them.

Detroit will beat Chicago once.

Oakland will kill them in the opener.

5-11 tops.