Saturday, April 07, 2007

Teh Intarweeb creeps me out sometimes

I have a flickr account. Flickr accounts let you mark photos that are your personal favorites. As such you can see which photos of yours, that others have marked as a favorite. Below is a list of my photos and the people that marked them as favorites.

clown loaches and rainbows AEA (mundoacuariofilo.or g)
Nintendo Pikachu Beetle 2I'm not Jom
seattle_aqua 048 AEA (mundoacuariofilo.or g)
seattle skylinetrixiebedlam
tigger being lazy (^_~) [Markus Masataka] (~_^)
Ichiro by mikeMike A.

Partly this post was to pimp my photos but the other is to highlight how 1 good link deserves another.

miranda's birthday party 036

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