Saturday, April 21, 2007

NFL draft thoughts and how the wii kicks butt

Well thanks to Cory, I was able to nab a Nintendo Wii. I don't think Michelle is yet too keen on it, but she does laugh when I try boxing. Out of the box, I have not complaints. The device is nice and small. It takes minimum setup although the sensor bar took a little bit of reading to figure out positioning and whatnot. But once in, creating a me and navigating the menus are a breeze.

I have a couple of usability complaints. You can't swap controllers around (haven't read the manual so not completely certain of that) so if one fails or accidentally hits the wall... not real sure. Second, if you are playing two player and player two quits and turns off their wiimote, it shuts off the machine. Ug. Also the whole friend code stuff is super not intuitive. Maybe I have spent the last 5 years with xbox live and that has corrupted me, but entering a 16 digit code for a friend and waiting for them to do the same is a tad weird. I would rather send an invite to a meaningful name. Your know.

As for the NFL draft, I am still debating if I want to spend the hours it would take to actually put together my predictions. On top of that, I see both the Raiders and the Lions looking to dump the first and second pick which makes the whole thing up for grabs. Problem is that no one wants to pay the compensation for a number one pick. But at the same point your have a 12 year OT waiting up there as well as a multi-year pro-bowl WR. I am not sold on the QBs this year, but there is quite a bit of talent in all positions to make trading up not worth it, unless you really need a QB or a great WR. So maybe I will throw together a last minute one... depends on how much temptation I suffer.


Ben said...

As to reorder the Wii-Motes on the fly, in the Home menu there is a way to reconnect controllers. You can go in there and sync the Wii-Motes in the order you wish them to be.

And yes friend code suck. This is what we get for having to "think of the children".

Reverend0 said...

Cool, that gets me a little closer to perfection. I do have to mention now that I am very sore in the shoulders and back. Wow.

I have some problems with componanies that do the job that parents are *supposed* to do.