Sunday, April 29, 2007

Start of the second half

Well, looking back over day 1, my biggest Lions disappointment comes from picking Stanton over getting any other of a myriad of Defense and Offense players.
  1. Calvin Johnson: Can't say I am excited to spend another draft pick on WR but he is an incredible player. (1st round)
  2. Drew Stanton: I am leaning two directions on the Lions drafting a QB, they should have got one in the first round or one in the third round. He is seen as a project and I am inclined to agree with that assessment. I don't know if I like high 2nd round projects... (2nd round)
  3. Ikaika Alama-Francis: DE that was injured in a late game. Fast, strong but had a poor showing in the individual workouts. Yeah, maybe a replacement of James Hall. (2nd round)
  4. Gerald Alexander: A SS that is likely to add some depth in either the nickelback position or could pan out to be a decent SS with some coaching. (2nd round)

The thing with the late second round picks, I am not sure if those would have been available for the 3rd round where Lions had picks before trading up.

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