Monday, March 12, 2007

YML: on going mediocrity

So Yet More Lions moves, we see them sign Shaun McDonald to a 2 year contract and added yet another wide receiver. He had an astounding 136 yards last season with the Rams. I seem to remember that the Rams had some injuries at that position so I am a little confused as to why he doesn't have more....

Also the Lions resigned Aveion Cason and Cleveland Pinkney for a year. Not much production but adds depth. I am sure they will use it.

And finally, the Lions sign T.J. Duckett for a year to hopefully add some potency in the red zone this year.

Being a Lions fan is not easy. It is easy though to look and see potential, but end up being let down when the season rolls in. But at the same point, this negativity on the bizarre offseason moves could be just as wrong. I just seriously doubt it.

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