Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yet more Lions

Saw a couple of Detroit Lions moves come across the wire recently and in keeping with my love of football, thought I would give my thoughts on it.

Lions re-sign reserve DE Smith. This is one of those "Marinelli guys" moves. Can't really say for or against. Started one game last year and did well.

Curtis' situation in limbo after he fires agent; Lions looking at Duckett. I think the Kevin Curtis deal is done, just have to wait 5 days to hear about it. Again, hard to know how good he is sitting behind two superb WR on his depth chart. He has some numbers, but I don't know how indicative they are to what his new situation will be. I honestly think he will do very well in Martz's system in Detroit. Duckett however is weird. I really liked Duckett when he played for Michigan State, but then he left early and has not really shown the strong work effort needed so I question if Marinelli will want such a player. He suffered some early turf toe when he came into the league but has otherwise been injury free, which means very little considering his lack of playing time.

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Kyle said...

Aaron...It's your cousin...I was messing around on the internet and looking up Dykstra-there you were! How's life on the Pacific coast? We weren't able to get to S. Haven last time you guys were home, hopefully next time? Miranda is getting big! Mine (Molly) just turned 2 Feb. 4--her pics are on www.teichow.com if you ever get a chance and want to take a peek--