Monday, March 12, 2007

Belated Birthday Wishes + Bubba Hotep

First off, I wanted to send out three birthday wishes. Carol, James, and Kedar... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Gotta say that March is a good month for birthdays.

In other notes, I watch Bubba Hotep this weekend. It stars Bruce Campbell, although it does not feel like the Evil Dead movies of before. That said, I still enjoyed the movie for many obscure reasons. There was something right about the pacing of the movie and the delivery of lines. The characters were vibrant. The story is bizzarre. It was just a plain good movie. I have heard other's did not like it. It is not a "normal Bruce Campbell" movie. What it is, is pessimistic portal of life in a "retirement home" where the only thing to look forward to is your next meal, which you probably won't like anyway.

For goodness sake's people, if you know someone in a home, go visit them. A lot.


Amanda said...

Chad put it on our Netflix list...currently at #3 on our queue.

Reverend0 said...

Sometimes, my netflix queue can be a tad on the weird side... Entertaining thought. Michelle and I just split our queue. We kept getting streaks of my movies and streaks of hers. Now we always have 2 of hers and two of mine.

Amanda said...

Maybe I should have said Chad wanted it on our queue. I am the one who mostly maintains it, so he is stuck with what I like. We share it with a couple that are friends of ours, and it has worked pretty well so far. You know me, I have pretty diverse taste!