Saturday, May 20, 2006

Backup solutions

Recently I decided it was time to do another backup of my data. It had been about a year (ug, I know) and I had moved all my music and pictures to be centrally located and partially organized. I know that many of my pictures have made it to flickr and I have my music hosted on my website, but I still had a ton of photos and the raw tracks of music on my computer not backed up. On top of that, there are plays I have written and other documents (some financial) that I have as well that could use to be backed up. So I ran a quick backup to dvd which got all my media. I find this method just not very efficient and generally to a pain in the butt. I am also not a huge fan of tape backups or cd backups or any media centered backups. It only protects you from physical failure of a hard drive and not from theft, fire, or flood.

I guess this feeling of insecurity came when I started looking at Amazon's S3 data service. It made me drool with the possibility of distributed, redundant, remote storage. But I have seen some draw backs, at least for me. I am not comfortable with the pricing model as I am already dishing out monthly bills for internet and for my current hosting solutions, I now add a data storage service to that mix (added with flickr and some other misc recurrent internet fees). Plus their means of holding data is not all that optimum for me. I know they say that the data is private to individual by default, but it just feels unsafe to me. I wouldn't mind with some of my data, but for financial oriented stuff... uggh!

So here is what I want:
  • Distributed (more than one data facility)
  • Redundant (kinda like putting this down in the first place)
  • Accessible via ftp, https, web service, etc
  • Come with software for aiding of backup
  • Priced at $0.001/meg storage per month and that includes bandwidth for private use
  • Some other pricing plan for commercial use

So does this sound like a good idea? I mean, I wouldn't want to lose stuff like this.


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