Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Heat wave

First off I didn't expect Washington to get so hot so early in the year. And with that heat, unfortunately, Miranda got heat rash and was definitely not happy. That irritation lead to long hours of crying and little we could do other than try to dress her appropriately and get some fans going. So that today's heat wave left us a little more prepared and we were able to keep her heat rash from spreading too much.

For those keeping note, we easily hit 85 degrees yesterday and 80 degrees today.

Some other notes, put together a short dvd for Michelle's family of the video clips that we have so far. I think it came out well but I really should finish testing it before bed and it will be leaving with Cathy tomorrow. Also I have been slowly sending out announcements. I unfortunately didn't keep a list so I don't know who I sent to and who I have not. Silly me.

Also played a bit with a program that was pointed out to me by Jay called autostitch. I really need to grab more photos so that I can play more but I did get a chance to put together the pictures from my wife's trip to snoqualmie falls.


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Anonymous said...

andy's caption:

"Holy crap! I told you we needed to scrape the windshield. Look what we almost drove into!"