Saturday, February 12, 2005

Review Fable for Xbox + more

Ok. I haven't done this in a while. Of course, I have been busy. You know.

Fable for the Xbox gaming console is a great game but it is really similar to eating a single cookie versus eating a piece of pie. Sweet yes, but oh so short. On top of that, the vast majority of the game would be considered too easy. You play a boy who's whole family is murdered in a raid for no known reason. You are rescued by a Hero named Maze. Upon rescuing you, you brought into the hero's guild to learn the trade. Now, being a hero does not mean you are good, you can be a champion of evil as well.

The game includes some very interesting pieces where your appearance changes based on how evil or good you are. Since I am a good two shoes, I played totally good and ended the game with light blue eyes, fair complexion, kinda scrawny, with butterflies and a halo around my head. Evil, you would grow horns, etc. Also the time spent out doors will affect if you have a tan... along with the amount of magic that you use will affect the way you look. You can also get muscles by constant use as well as get fat by eating alot of food and not running around.

What I liked was the story and how it evolved. They kept it fairly simple in terms of twists and turns and you find your way to the end without too much trouble. I however was expecting tons of quests to take similar to freelancer or privateer for PC, but usually you get 2 quests to pick from and you can tell the evil ones. The only complex thing in the game was the character and development of the character.

I didn't like that it was too short, and changing your character at times seemed like very tedious work. But the final bad guy wasn't even that hard once I worked into a strategy, and I did not even have really powerful weapons.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
So what else have I done. Michelle and I got a new headboard and footboard, so I drove to Holland to pick it up but lost a piece of my tonneau cover in the process. Otherwise not too much else. Mostly working later of late. Lots to do and lots of exciting thing the 'pool.

So next up is to put together the new headboard tomorrow and get some pictures so that my parents can see it all together (they helped buy it as a christmas/birthday present). Plus tonight we are going to watch the Kwings fly into the future.

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