Saturday, February 26, 2005

Football offseason 2005

Ahh, the football offseason is here. Not as good as the regular season, but at times better. It is better, because I don't have to see the Lions lose and of recent they have had pretty good offseasons (most noted by slight increases in wins). So with that I always sit there and have an opinion on how things are going. I like to analyze my team and determine what they should really be doing.

Lets start with a basic needs analysis:
  1. Veteran QB
  2. Safety
  3. Defensive End
  4. Offensive Tackle
  5. Offensive Guard
  6. Center
Well, I am talking about revamping that line. Didn't really think so until I went down the list of needed changes. I wouldn't mind an extra linebacker, but for the most part their LB core just misses a bit of speed. As for center, I really have nothing against Dominic Raiola except that he is undersized. I am looking at someone that can help move the pile get more rushing yards. Stockar McDougle may leave the team in free-agency, so you would need a new OT. Offensive Guard, I am looking at some youth and size again.

This leaves us at the top three needs.

The Lions need an explosive Defensive End. I would have loved to have Julius Peppers, but that draft.... So we need one. James Hall has done an excellent job, way better than I ever expected, but who lines up on the other side? Kalimba? At this point, I wouldn't call him a no show, but I would say that he is a wall flower. He showed up, but wasn't all we anticipated. Maybe the Lions should go hang out at the NBA draft, and pick the biggest, strongest guy to shore of the side.

Recently the Lions released on of their safeties and couple that with an aging but good Brock Marion, and you need some help there. I would love to see them pick up Arturo Freeman from free agency. I don't think the draft will cut it in this case as I think you are going to want some experience.

Finally, but not finally, a veteran QB. Sorry Joey. I thought we should have never gotten you in the first place. I wasn't much on Charlie Batch, but the one good qb of that draft went to the expansion team and I felt we could wait another year. I am still saying we should have picked up Quentin Jammer. Great cornerback.
  • Jeff Garcia. Please don't get him. My concern is age in this case. Are you getting someone to challenge for the spot to be starter for 1 year, or is it something more than that? Sometimes I wish FA was after the draft. Then I would say if you get either Smith or Rodgers (QB's) then take Garcia and use Harrington as trade bait to alleviate cap room. Otherwise avoid Garcia. And I say avoid him.
  • Brian Griese. Obvious yes choice, money dependent. Low bonus, mid-high level money. That way if he doesn't pan out and you need to get him to a new home, it is less of an impact over time. But one good year, a good quarterback does not make.
  • Who else? Draft? Not a chance. Kurt Warner? No please, too much of a chip on his shoulder. Jay Fiedler? I like Fiedler, but I don't know if this is the offense for him.
I guess I don't have a definitive on this one. Get Griese if you can. Take Fiedler over Garcia, depending on how you plan on using them. Ugg, I am recommending both Dolphins QBs and it is making me ill.

So, my surprise take that I think the Lions should listen to? Cut Hakim and pick up Jerry Rice. Some veteran experience on some young, talented receivers and the plus is, there are some miles left on the tread to draw coverage and make some tough catches with some of the softest hands in the league. No brainer.


Ish said...

Jerry seems like he's slowed a step this season, but its always a bad idea to bet against him. And with him teaching Charlie and Roy, it could be fearsome. I just hope it was a fluke and that Charlie can make it through 5 games without breaking something next year.

James V Reagan said...

I still say go get Drew Brees, whatever it takes. He's got a lot of years left in him, he's a Pro-Bowler, and he's a competitor. Reminds me of Troy Aikman. Him, Jones, and Williams is a pretty formidable combination.

Aaron, you should podcast about Lions' news and analysis. I would subscribe and listen to it.

I'm trying to figure out a category to podcast in, and coming up short on identifying a good category.

Reverend0 said...

If Charlie makes half the season, they should give him a bonus. If he doesn't make it again, you have two choices, replace his shoulders with metal bones or fire him.

I do agree that Jerry is slower this year, but it's the darn hands that are amazing.

As for Drew, it looks like San Diego is giving him another year to see if it was a fluke. Then either him or Philips is gone.

As for an audioblog on sports, I have thought about it. I am actually trying to convince my friend to do it as he covers more sports than I and knows much more about College Football and those coming into the league. But I will toy with a lions centric audioblog.

James V Reagan said...

Shoot, I'll even do a podcast with you on the Lions... that might be kinda interesting. Then others can hear me rant!

Would have been more fun a couple years ago when I was bitching about M&M... now I just bitch about Millen.

andy said...

I don't know. Joey may grow up to be a real quarterback someday. I actually saw him run the ball a couple of times last season; up till then I was pretty sure he didn't know he was allowed to do that. But if Drew Brees is a possibility, I say stuff Joey in a box and ship him to Nepal to be eaten by leaches. Honestly, I think Detroit has been trying to build a star quaterback of the future for too long and frankly, they don't know how. Go out and buy one.

Reverend0 said...

Right now I am seeing a real stupid trend in the NFL around draft time. I know that the NFL is trying to wrap up these kids for a long time, but they don't ever know if they are NFL quality. Like last draft where big money was shelled out for Ben Roethl-skdjfalk, Eli Manning, JP Losman, Philip Rivers, etc who are expected to be quarterbacks of the future, like leftwich, grossman, and palmer the year before that. So they give thse major contracts and they may turn out to be Ryan Leaf's. I really think that they need to reverse that trend.

Option 1: Short term salary, make it as high as you want.

Option 2: Long term LOW salary, the player can always hold out later or you tack on some serious incentives.

Either way, don't give any serious signing bonus's as you have to pay them for the next ten years. Look at the Lions who wrapped up Joey and Charlie for $40 million a piece and what do we have to show for it. Lots of losses.