Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kwings Win! and Hitch Review

Well Saturday was our day for chillin' in Kalamazoo. Did the shopping thing and followed that up by watching the Kwings play the Flint Generals. Chalk one up for the west siders. It was a good time. The way to measure it is I was a little under the weather and still had a blast. Too much rich food.

First off I got to say, "WHO NEEDS THE NHL!?" I would rather see a UHL game any day. More personal, lots of fun. Great action. Plus you have so much passion for game with the young upcomers and the old fighters hanging on to the game. Rock! Support the ";ittle" hockey league.

On to Hitch. Simply, a chick flick that is fun enough for a guy to enjoy. So the hitch is that this guy fixes it so poor smucks like me and other nerds, get a chance at love. The whole crux of this is that given the opportunity and the right conditions, love will form between that wonderful personal inner love delinquent and the beautiful. Made for an interesting, if partial predicatible movie.

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Ish said...

The K-Wings are a fine team, but its still not the same. No TV coverage. Less capable players. I still love minor hockey and go to see it when I can, but it's no substitute.