Saturday, December 23, 2006

The world is clearer now: HD part 2

I am not sure how much HD is on DirecTV... but after finally surfing all the channels that I have on basic now (before I had 60 some odd analog stations, and now have those plus 90 odd digital stations), I have all the normal channels in HD. So I am able to watch both the fox and CBS games in HD, as well as getting PBS, ABC, CW, etc.

So hears to basic comcast cable. Hooray.

Watched soundstage the other night with the Wallflowers in 720p. Pretty sweet. Probably have to move my dolby digital setup upstairs to enjoy the 5.1 sound.

So Miranda is doing well going into the first Christmas. She however has been busy tugging at the presents and at the cat as well. Sigh. And she can really move. Not walking but good enough with the hands to pull anything down within in reach.

miranda 007


Amanda said...

I think she's about to start flying away. Can't say I blame her ... it looks like she got her very own brown paper box for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

andy's caption:

"This'd better be a toaster oven!"