Sunday, December 10, 2006

Friday night gaming

Since I recently got a new Xbox 360, which I made reference to in a previous post, I have resumed my Friday night gaming sessions. It seems that the most recent game of choice is the ultra violent Gears of War. I recently completed the single player on easy and found it to be a good story and have gone on to play a lot of multi-player. The game seemed simplistic and straight forward in technic but I am starting to notice little bits of strategy and can be brought into it. I do miss the massive games that we could get using Halo 2, since this is limited to 4 vs. 4 at the most.

Miranda is doing great. Motor skills are almost too good (as she has been unplugging things) and is doing better with solid foods and the sippy cup. So things are going well...

miranda 005

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