Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Miranda

Well we finished up Miranda's birthday and she seemed to have a good couple of days. Saturday we have a couple of her preschool friends over as well as some of our friends from the "old country". Well make that Michigan. It was a later party starting around 4pm. First the kids did an Easter egg hunt which they had fun with. Some of those kids were fast on the draw. Once all the items were found, we moved inside and the kids made their own mini-pizzas while the adults had some yummy food that we had picked up from Metropolitan Market. The kids then played and adults did what normal parents did which was watch their kids. Miranda had lots of fun and was pretty sad to see her friends leave.

Sunday was Miranda's actual birthday. First thing we did was assemble the Barbie bicycle from Grandma and Grandpa D. She was very excited. Of course she was blaming me for it arriving in a disassembled form. "Daddy broke it." But we got it together only to watch it rain all day. Miranda played cars, trains, and princesses with Mom and Dad all day. Plus we watched Bolt. Miranda definitely thought it was too sad and to scary. She was crying through the back half of the film as Bolt was coming to grips with be ordinary. I thought it was fairly cute.

Mom and Dad got Miranda a big girl bed about a week ago and she has been sleeping in it the whole time. We are pretty happy that she has taken to it so well. It would be really nice if she would stay in her bed while she is getting ready to sleep but she didn't in the crib either.

Miranda with new bed

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The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

She is awfully cute. I can't wait till mine is old enough to ambulate, defy, and effuse. Kittens and Bacon!