Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft 2009 revised

Watching the analysis for the draft this morning is painful with everyone laughing at the Lions.
  1. Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford. It's a done deal. I don't think this is going to work out for the Lions. If we are patient, this may eventually work up, but I don't have a good feeling about it. Maybe they will trade him...
  2. St. Louis Rams: Eugene Monroe. While they need WR and OT and could use Curry over at SLB, I think they will address some core QB protection with someone that can come in day one and start. Jason Smith is likely to need some more technique work before he can start.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Brian Orakpo. I thought the Broncos would make a move for this position, but the more I thought about it, the more this didn't feel like something that team would do. I see the Chiefs picking a guy that will fill a role and is a strong talent for the position.
  4. Oakland Raiders: Michael Crabtree. Hoping to make a splash and add an offensive weapon for the QB Russell, they step up and grab to top rated WR in the draft before the Browns or Bengals can grab him.
  5. Cleveland Browns: Aaron Curry. Cleveland will try and shop this pick around with Crabtree off the boards, but there will be too much desparation and they likely won't get a bite on this one.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: Jason Smith. Shocked that he has dropped to here and in need of more protection for Carson Palmer, they grab some raw talent and plug him in right away.
  7. Seattle Seahawks: Malcolm Jenkins. Looking for a combination SS/CB, the Seahawks will grab one of the larger presences in the draft for this position.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: B. J. Raji. Looking to regain their status as one of the top defenses, they bulk up on the D-line to give them more power and run stopping ability.
  9. Green Bay Packers: Tyson Jackson. With the move to 3-4 defense, the Pack will need to brack a tall, athletic DE that will help move the running lanes and press the line.
  10. San Francisco 49ers: Mark Sanchez. I said before that the 49ers wouldn't pick a QB here, but I think they might go with Sanchez if he falls to here, they might just take a shot on him.
  11. Buffalo Bills: Andre Smith. With Peters on his way to the Eagles, the Bills need to bolster their offensive line and will grab the best OT available on their draft board.
  12. Denver Broncos: Everette Brown. The Broncos will go with the developmental QB late in draft ala Tom Brady and Cassel. Instead they wll go with a defensive lineman.
  13. Washington Redskins: Michael Oher. Not so sure on this one. Doesn't seem like the thing Snyder would do, but this is definitely a need for their team.
  14. New York Jets: Robert Ayers. A large powerful DE for Ryan's 3-4 will entice the Jets to move up a few slots to make sure they get him.
  15. Houston Texans: Peria Jerry. Saw them trading down as the Lions would want a big name OT, but at this point I see them sitting tight while the Texans use their pick to bollster that line.
  16. San Diego Chargers: Jarron Gilbert. Losing Igor will hurt a bit less by grabbing this potential 3-4 end.
  17. New England Patriots: Brian Cushing. The Saints will trade back a second time to pick up even more picks. New England will move up to bolster their LB crew that they have lost in trades or are aging.
  18. Denver Broncos: Rey Maualuga. Filling in some defensive holes in
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jeremy Maclin. They need a WR. Pretty good bargain at this point.
  20. Detroit Lions: Clay Matthews. I thought about writing in Josh Freeman here, but that would just be silly. Although I would have preferred them picking up Pat White in the second or third round. I would also like to see them grab Alex Mack here. Instead I see them grabbing Clay Matthews here to bolster the D. I question if they put in in the MLB position or not. Instead I could see them moving him to the Dline.
  21. Philidelphia Eagles: Knowshon Moreno. With Brian Westbrook getting older, look for someone they can bring in to be that speed rusher they like to use. Also fits the Westbrook mold of a multipurpose back.
  22. Minnesota Vikings: William Moore (SS). Looking for a ballhawk to sit out in the middle to help their defense out.
  23. New Orlean Saints: Sean Smith. Bolster that secondary that is seeing some age. Don't make Brees win a shoot out every game.
  24. Atlanta Falcons: Sherrod Martin. Look for them to pick up a CB after losing their best one in free agency. Has played FS more often than not but could make the transition.
  25. Miami Dolphins: Connor Barwin. Adding a rushing OLB to help Joey Porter out and give some rest to the aging LB.
  26. Baltimore Ravens: Vontae Davis. While the Ravens need help with the Linebackers, I see them picking up Jasper Brinkley later on to fill that role. So they will grab up Davis to help with their CB line earlier. They could grab a big DE but those will be available later on as well.
  27. Indianapolis Colts: Brian Robiskie. With Marvin gone, there is still a need for a big possession type receiver.
  28. Buffalo Bills: Aaron Maybin. Look for Buffalo to bolster their d-line. There has been some injuries in the past season and surprisingly Maybin will still be available. Or maybe not surprisingly.
  29. Arizona Cardinals: Alex Mack. Technically you could say the Giants pick Anquan Boldin, but either way it will be the Cardinals pick here. My guess is that they are going to use this bonus pick to bolster that front line to help protect their QB dinosaur.
  30. Tennessee Titans: Ziggy Hood. Haynesworth? Do we need him? Maybe, but this should be a good pick here.
  31. Arizona Cardinals: Chris Wells. Look who slides to the end of the first round. Maybe I am just picking on Ohio State... maybe I think injuries and recovery has been an issue for him. But the Cards are looking for a tandem running back team with Hightower.
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ebon Britton. They will try to pick up someone to stop their QB from continuing his trek to achieve permanent brain injury. Likely to move Ebon inside to G to bolster the run game as well.


The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Based on your post, I'll assume you've seen this:
or something similar.

God, I hate the Lions. I hope that Stafford's life goals include making $42 million and do not include having a successful NFL career. I also hope they soften up the turf in Ford Field for him; he'll be very familiar with its smell and feel.


The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

OK, the Stafford pick was one thing, but their other 1st round pick on a tight end?!

God, I hate the Lions.

ish said...

Bill Ford is the dumbest human being ever to be associated with the NFL. He would probably score a 3 on the Wonderlic.