Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sports Fan Divorce Papers

It just doesn't make sense to me that the Detroit Lions can be doing so poorly. It goes beyond the fact that they are losing, which is bound to happen. Instead is because they lost these games in such a spectacular fashion.

Where does this leave me as a life long fan of the Lions, every year praying that they can start a new path of winning football games. In my lifetime, I have seen a playoff visit (and loss), but otherwise it just painful. This year however might be the worst and we are only 3 weeks into the season.

We have moved to balanced attack and we did have a balanced attack, but you are talking 116 passing yards and 116 rushing yards which isn't going to win you a game unless you have a defense like maybe the Bears or Titans. The defense is just not stopping anything and an offense that is unable to eat any clock to give the defense a chance to rest.

My original guess of 5-11 season is completely off. If I look at the teams that they have to win week to week, I am sure that they are going to lose every game this year, but they will probably win one at the end of the year when some other team doesn't care if they win or lose.

At some point, sports teams are like your family. You can't chose them or divorce them. I got lucky with my family, who are completely awesome, but right now, I feel no pride or love for my team.


mike said...

As a Mariners fan, I understand. At least with baseball, though, the season is long enough that you can just ignore the second half of it and pretend it's not happening.

Ben said...

That is why I've gone and adopted myself to the Seahawks. At least they can give hope that something good may happen. Now I just wish they would show their games in UT.

Reverend0 said...

I don't think I can be a Seahawk fan. I did try but I think the timing was wrong for me. I really think I need to like them when they suck and see them get good.

As for the Mariners... wow. Thank goodness I only have to deal with 16 games.

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

I've been cheating on my team with other teams for years. I really don't even pretend I'm in love any more. Not sure I could ever serve papers.

Would give them to L.A. though.

Matt said...

Someone has the balls to say it...