Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Misc Notes

So I thought I would drop off a couple quick notes / rants / whatever.
  1. Miranda has now used the potty a couple of times. Woo hoo!
  2. Miranda still hates hair washing.
  3. Miranda now says happy, bubbles, and a few other words and phrases.
  4. Work is good. Tiring but good.
  5. Coffee is good and not so tiring.
  6. The parking garage at the train station should really try to be open in the morning. There really isn't any place to park otherwise.
  7. The Rescuers is a pretty fun movie, but it is weird to feel the different pacing of the show from a by gone era. Very slow and methodical.
  8. Burnout: Paradise City is fun.
  9. Godiva Chocolate Liquor + Chai + Soy Milk = Yummy goodness.

My little rockstar.
mom camera 364


Dustin said...

How sad that I could identify Dora, Boots, and Baby Jaguar from behind.

Michelle said...

Got it wrong Dustin its Diego not Dora. She loves them!

s.w. said...

s.w.'s caption:

"I will eat the orange one first."

(This was almost too cute to think of a sarcastic caption.)

dustiin said...

Really? Looks like Dora's head shape. Well better for me not being able to tell I guess.
Looks like my brother is working with Steve defending our nuclear energy

Amanda said...

What is it about the hair washing that she hates so much?

I remember liking The Rescuers.

I have no clue who Dora and Diego are (and I'm okay with this).


s.w. said...

I remember the Rescuers as being the No Country for Old Men of rodent-themed children's films.