Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why George?

Dear owner of the Star Wars franchise,

I have been dumb enough to purchase many things that are part of this extensive franchise over the years. Some have been pretty good like the original trilogy and the Bioware games based on the license, but some have been just plain bad like some of the various books using the same recycled plotline or perhaps the Darth Vader voice helmet. I am really saddened by how much you have taken something that was iconic in our childhood and used that lovely nostalgic feeling to drain our bank accounts and destroy a memory. Sometimes tighter quality control can help, but sometimes it is just better to STOP.

Thank you,


Jana Kleitsch said...

That reviewer has it all wrong. It is a perfectly good helmet. It worked exceptionally well last year to scare kids on halloween. Andy hooked it up to the baby monitor and put it on the porch.

George should be proud.

Jefe Le Gran said...

Star Wars paraphernalia has always been crappy. Didn't you have one of those telescoping light sabers when you were a kid?

Reverend0 said...

But as a helmet you can wear, it does definitely have troubles with the wearers voice coming through much more clearly that the darth voice...

As for SW paraphernalia... I didn't have the light saber growing up, but unfortunately I do have one now.