Sunday, June 24, 2007

You'd think I have a ton to write about...

Not much really has been happening. I did the deck project last weekend. This weekend I was going to do some pruning and then paint the picnic table. Well, I started to paint the picnic table and realized that I had not bought paint. Or least one with very little pigment. Turns out that I had bought polyurethane. This isn't bad, but not something I had planned for. So now, I need to run to Lowes and pick up white paint when then leads to a couple of future projects around the house as well. If I run to Lowes today, I should pick up a couple of ceiling vents for the bathrooms as well as pick up some PVC pipe to create a sensory table for Miranda.

So once I have the white paint, then I can apply the polyurethane so my table can last forever. In fact, I think that I need to sand the table again so that the surface is rough enough to pick up a paint coat.

Miranda is still Miranda. Eating is getting better. Sleeping is getting better. I am pretty sure it will never reach "perfect". Just have to keep stimulating her. Yesterday I flipped on the radio which didn't exactly make her happy. I am not sure what she was looking for but... that was not it. I guess she doesn't like U2.

As for reading, I have finished 3 John Scalzi books, Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigades, The Last Colony. These books are definitely in the fun range of Science Fiction reading. They tended toward a slightly light form of science, with a smattering of politics. I think Andy would enjoy them. I might even be tempted to call it Heinlein light. Except it really isn't watered downed like light beer. Just light and airy.

Otherwise, I have recently picked up Accelerando by Charles Stross. I am just starting so I really don't have much to say yet.

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