Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Misc Miranda post

Argh, I hate teething. I wish that there was some magic cure to teething, but right now with one tooth coming in every two months, it is going slowly and she is not enjoying it. Overall, she is vocalizing a bit more and moving like a pro. This week saw the addition of climbing to her set of tools, which has completely destroyed any hope of my turning my xbox on again.

Unless she is asleep.

And then I am usually asleep.

So how do they have so much energy especially when they should be using it to grow and all those other amazing early things? I think they had it right in the Matrix when they harnessed humans to create energy. I mean stare at a 15 month old and tell me that is not a completely renewable source of power.

So as a video, here is one of Miranda reading her book to me...

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