Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some form of football... ahhh.

So football is finally upon us. Yesterday, I watched a couple different college football games while at a cookout at some friends of ours. The games that I watched were not all the important. The fact that I was watching football games where the outcome of the game had serious meaning was important, at least to me.

Preseason professional games are ok, but the only thing on the line are some of the players' jobs. I prefer when you have the teams chances at post-season play threatened. You get to see (hopefully) some teamwork and the top flight players giving 100%, which you are unlikely to see in the preseason.

So while the guys were inside (on a gorgeous day) watching football, the girls were outside talking. Not sure what they were talking about, but Miranda was a great little girl. She is sitting up pretty good now. We have to put here there but she is starting to learn that sitting is the best position to play in.

I will write my Lions prediction post later this week, but wanted to write a brief paragraph about Charles Rogers (ex-Lions receiver, released yesterday). I was excited when the Lions drafted him in 2003. He had great hands, excellent quickness and was tall, about everything one could hope for in a receiver. I have since added one criteria to evaluating all players of the game: single-minded focus on excellence. I don't know Charles Rogers personally, but from afar he seems more interested in collecting a paycheck and smoking dope than playing a good game of football and that is sad. So Good Bye, Charles, I would've hoped for a couple memories.


Anonymous said...

andy sez:

Poor Charles, too fragile for the NFL. The Lions should have tried to trade him to an AFC team far away though... possibly for a lint brush and an unmatched tube sock... anything to ensure that he doesn't end up bouncing back in Minnesota and burning them for big yards later this season... It'll happen.

Lions open against the Seahawks. You must be excited.

Reverend0 said...

I don't think excited is the right word. I think watching the Lions play the Seahawks will be like watching a one armed, obese engineer fight a master of martial arts with a pet tiger. Bloody.