Saturday, September 09, 2006

Detroit Lions predictions

Well, I have been putting this off for too long and now they are going to be playing their first game of the season tomorrow. After catching highlights of the Lions in the offseason (it counts if it is a highlight for the other team with the Lions in it, right?) and also listening to the analysts and coaches, I think I can come to a pretty good conclusion of a 6-10 season.

vs SeattleLoss
at ChicagoLoss
vs Green BayWin
at St. LouisLoss
at MinnesotaWin
vs BuffaloWin
at NY JetsWin
vs AtlantaLoss
vs San FranciscoWin
at ArizonaLoss
vs MiamiLoss
at New EnglandLoss
vs MinnesotaWin
at Green BayLoss
vs ChicagoLoss
at DallasLoss

Of course injuries happen and this is just a prediction from a fan that hasn't had the even lovin' hope beaten completely out of him... Just painful. I thought about putting up scores, but that just didn't seem right. To many points against and not enough for. I hope they prove me wrong, I just don't see it happening this year.

Maybe it is better for Harrington to be gone. Please just win, if not for me, do it for the kids

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Anonymous said...

andy sez:

Well, I've seen the "new" Lions product in action in a real game. Before the game, I had two predictions coming in for this game. First, every game would feature an impotent, disorganized, penalty-ridden offence incapable of finding the end-zone... like previous seasons. And second, that the defence would generally look good, but would blow it in key situations, especially near the end of the game... just like previous seasons. The idiots working the Fox game were impressed by the Lions' effort; I see the exact same losers as always. This season: 2-14.