Sunday, November 09, 2008

Geez oh pete.

Alright, I have been a bit under the weather and so has the rest of the family. After fighting off a round of the common cold, we followed that up with a round of the stomach flu. Everyone is back to healthy though, but just trying to catch up with stuff around the house for the last week or so.

Election was very interesting. Hope everyone voted and voted their mind. I know I did via mail in vote. I am interested right now so see what things get changed in the next 2 months and then see what happens in President-elect Obama's first 6 months. This will be a test of both a Dem legislative branch as well as Dem executive branch.

Really don't like talking politics. That and religion are just fast ways to alienate people and tax friendships.

So, I feel like I should drop some pics and a video of Miranda and call it a post.

miranda 033

miranda 009


ish said...

I heard Obama has a plan to tax friendships. Don't worry though, it's progressive.

(Sorry, had to beat Andy to it..)

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Ahh! Dammit!

You didn't just beat me to it, it never even occurred to me!

Too much time trying to formulate least-squares solutions to spectrally constrained Jacobi matrices with additional structure... the results are (thus far) unfulfilling...

Wait, does a progressive friendship tax penalize people with many friends or deep and abiding friendships? Either way, I guess I'm safe. Actually, maybe I can get some kind of Earned Friendship Tax Credit refund...