Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Download the songs of Rock Band

Since I have been playing Rock Band for the xbox 360, I have wanted to download the MP3's so that I can listen to the music and figure out the pitch of the singing or even just learn the songs so it is easier to play. I figured others would care about my work.

But here is the complete list of the ones I could find on Amazon.

Update: I had a link to the Amazon Listmania list, but that list just doesn't work. Must be a bug with Amazon Digital orders and Listmania pages or something on that line. Very, very annoying.


Anonymous said...

andy sez:

At first (for just a second), I thought you might be supplying links for illegal piracy of the fruits of hard-working artists' labors. But alas, you're just pimping Amazon...

I did have a link for the former case though which I'll share:

The transcript seems to be the only version of this that I can find online. It seems that all of the Youtube entries have been removed for some reason or another. Ironic, really.

Reverend0 said...

The amazon push is just me trying to pay for the songs I have downloaded from Xbox live to play on Rock Band. Remember Piracy is wrong, just like any right to your privacy.