Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sick kid

Miranda has her first real cold with fever. We have been lucky before this with 1 other light cold, but this one looks to be a big one. So yesterday I spent an hour and a half in Walgreen's waiting for the prescription that was supposed to be faxed in earlier. Either way, that sucked at I would have got home at 5:30, but instead got home around 7pm.

Add that in with Miranda not sleeping well and we aren't sleeping well and you have a barely functioning household.

But the prognosis is ear infection with a secondary infection that seems to be the flu. Antibiotics for the ear infection and lots of fighting to get her to take the meds, take the tylenol, and just eat or get fluids.

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J├╝rgen said...

Dude, so sorry to hear this... Evan is a veritable viral mop, so we had to deal with several nasty colds, mercifully w/o fever. He had the Norovirus as well, talk about letting go of all contents in any way possible... and of course we got it, since there is roughly 1-2 viruses required to be introduced to this gift.

Make sure she drinks, the rest will follow suit. Can you disolve the meds in her fluids?