Thursday, May 17, 2007

That is what friends are for

It looks like some pictures of me from one of my college plays has surfaced again on the web. In particular, Princess Blogonoke's site is not holding pictures of me playing Virgil from Bus Stop. Although, I never did know that people questioned the moustache.

Most of those pictures bring back excellent memories. Of all that though, I always feel a tad down that I did not take all the plays that I worked with seriously. Whenever I was given leeway with the dialog, I tended to foul it up and move it out of character. So in that sense, it is bittersweet. But there are so many more good memories and thoroughly fun times that I can sometimes forget I said, "I am too busy scratching myself."


Anonymous said...

andy sez:

I'm not sure "questioning" is quite the right word for that mustache. The word "questioning" implies that there is some measurable quantity of doubt whereas, with that 'stache, straight out of a '70s gay porn film, no doubt was involved.

Just think, you were a gay cowboy way before Ang Lee made them popular.

Jay said...

Dude, a mustache???