Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sinus infection

Well, Miranda and Michelle both got sick and I managed to follow them by a couple of days. Oh well. Sometimes, there is no helping it. I have managed to make it so far with no football. Well no games, as I am able to to follow the off season news. We have watched a couple of movies which were not to bad. Underworld: Evolutions although mostly seen as crap and as a typical popcorn flick, I kinda liked. I thought they took the mythos they had created and moved it forward quite a bit. Special effects were special so a good flick. Cars was another one that I found more than acceptable. The story was typical Disney and Owen Wilson played the same part he always does, but it was still a fun movie and just plain beautiful to watch.

I watched Unleashed (or Danny the Dog) and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I like hong kong action flicks but a lot of the recent forays into the genre have been hokey and just not fun. This however used fighting to help with character development as well as moving the story along. Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Jet Li and cast did a great job as well.

I bought Michelle Viva Pinata for the xbox 360 so that I wouldn't hog the magic white box. She loves it and I have to say that I find it strangely addicting to watch. There is a absolutely huge amount of variation in the game which makes it have lots of playability and sometimes the complexity (and the horrible Pinata AI) can overwhelm and irritate, it still redeems itself in colorful, musical cuteness. I recommend for those with this to pick it up as it is just weird enough to make it fun, however I won't call it exciting, but it is very relaxing.

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Amanda said...

Haven't seen any of your movies yet, but will in due time. I liked the first Underworld, so I've been curious about the sequel but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

At some point do you pummel the pinatas with sticks? Or does that go against the general "viva" concept?

My brother has a Playstation 2. His nephew had me watch him play the Lego Star Wars games on it a couple of times. It was interesting when Yoda hopped on a tractor and drove it straight into a river. Fun, but I'm still happy with my Atari 7800.