Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kids. Wow.

What a difference 12 weeks makes?! Tomorrow Miranda will hit the 12 week mark, and she seems to be so different. She has been pretty happy lately. And she is drooling more and it looks like you can start to see the outline of some teeth in her top gum, added to the fact that she likes to gnaw on her fingers must mean we are at the start of teething.

But for bigger news, it seems like she is starting to understand she has HANDS. We have a Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center that we have been using since she has been able to hold her head still and prior to this last weekend, she would just sit and stare around. However, for the first time yesterday, she reached out and spun some of the toys and giggled. It was hilarious! The motor skills are still lacking. Last night she wanted to chew on Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Plush Toy, but couldn't seem to get the wing into her mouth. Basically she would shake her head and wave her arms about. I felt so bad laughing at her.

Here is her in a 4th of July outfit that her Great-Grandma Sara got her.
miranda_4th_july 017


Anonymous said...

andy's caption:

Miranda: still the only thing mentioned on Aaron's blog without a "helpful" link to buy it on Amazon.

John Knight said...

She is beautiful. When are the Miranda t-shirts going to be on Amazon again?