Thursday, June 22, 2006

More reviews: Flight of the Nighthawks, 4400 Season 1, and Sunbox for your deck

Flight of the Nighthawks

This book by Raymond Feist is very much part of his normal formula for books. His books tend to focus around the creation of young male characters and how they develop their talents to move the world in there own ways. Feist continues the adventures in the fantasy world of Midkemia with visits from some original characters and various other characters that have appeared in his other works. Pug makes another appearance as well as Nakor to continue Feist's exploration into the balance of good and evil.

This book is just a plain fun fantasy book. If you have liked Feist's other works you will most probably like this one as well. I did find this one to be less worthy of praise than his others works. Magician was by the best of the books produced and the Serpentwar Saga was probably the best series, this just doesn't stand in the same league.

The 4400 - Season One

This series was recommended to me by a friend of mine and never got around to picking it up or renting it. I had the occasion to catch a few of the episodes on TV and was impressed by the writing and the acting done in this series. So I picked it up and am glad I did.

The story is about 4400 people who have disappeared over the last 70 years and how they are suddenly deposited back, but have not aged a day. It shows, but doesn't center around the bigotry that such an outsider group would encounter. The actors who play the main characters do a good job overall with some very interesting performances from the supporting cast as well.

In comparing with another recent sci-fi show, Firefly, I think this had a much stronger beginning, but a weaker overall "universe" to exist in. The acting in this series starts strong, with little need for the actors to get comfortable with their characters whereas Firefly really took a couple episodes to find who they were.

I would recommend this to folks who like science fiction but are looking for something more than just the Star Trek.

Suncast DB5000 Deck Box

I saw this item for 50% off at amazon and decided it was worth the risk to pick up and try out. Out of the box, this is comprised 6 poly-resin panels and seem fairly rigid. There is zero hardware needed for assembly and I was able to put this together in less than 10 minutes. It has now been outside for over a week with no discoloration or weathering.

The main drawbacks really are the cheap assembly, the hinges don't feel strong and the bottom isn't really secured by anything other than gravity. Also there really isn't a way to do a padlock on this. In the end it was slightly overpriced at 50% off and way overpriced if you paid full...


Anonymous said...

"... but are looking for something more than just the Star Trek"

andy sez:

What the hell is this?! "JUST the Star Trek"? "JUST"?

When you have the Star Trek, you have the creme de la creme of televised sci-fi, baby! There is no need to say "just the Star Trek".

That's like telling someone, "For your extrememly large body of water enjoyment, you might consider Torch Lake if you're looking for something more than just the Pacific Ocean."

Or, "Beef lovers might want to try an Oscar Meyer all-beef frank, if the are not content with just porterhouse."

Or, "People who like cute and cuddly animals may look into adopting a Mesopotamian sea cucumber larvae, if tired of just kittens and puppies."

Anonymous said...

andy sez:

Or, "People who love pretentious, inane, sycophantic, useless, douche bags may be interested in watching this small pebble if just James Lipton doesn't do it for them."

Reverend0 said...

I am sorry. Did I offend you?

Star Trek hasn't been good since Roddenberry passed away.

Anonymous said...

andy sez:

(Hint: If I'm nit-picking about semantics, I'm not actually offended... but any DS9 disrespect will incurr genuine wrath. Roddenberry was involved in the show's inception, but died before it aired.)

Anonymous said...

andy sez:

btw, have you seen Amazon's pricing scheme for the DS9 DVDs? Insane. I'm going to hold you personally responsible. Feel free to hold me personally responsibe for any University of Michigan practices that confuse/annoy you.

Reverend0 said...

I would say that DS9 started off excellent, but did have some issues near the end of it's run.