Sunday, March 19, 2006

Terrible Mistake


Although it probably isn't that bad of a mistake, I can't even look in the mirror now. I shaved off my goatee, since I nicked it when I was trimming it. This is the goatee that I have had for about 6 years now without removing it. I sadly miss it. Oh well, it will grow back.

On some reading notes: I am part way through Domain Driven Design. Not too bad, but I think this would useful to any developer about 2 years out of school. It has a lot of ways to look at how you organize and put together software. It also takes a look at the more practical aspects of XP in relationship to iterative development and the use of refactoring.

I also recently finished reading A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I found this book to be an exercise in what most authors eventually want to do to their characters, which is to torture them relentlessly. I have started to read the sequel, and I think I am starting to notice a pattern. Through the first 200 pages, you have trouble bringing yourself to read another page. It is so painful watching some these characters get punished for living (living?). The rest of the book leads into wondering if the character will somehow extract themselves from these predicaments, knowing most likely they won't, but curious enough to have a hard time putting the book down.

I also read Heading Home with Your Newborn : From Birth to Reality yesterday to start getting prepared for our new arrival. This book was darn good, but at this point, I don't know if will be helpful (as the baby isn't here yet). The writing was very good and lead to couple of chuckles reading which helps break some of the tensions that comes with expecting a first child and realizing you don't know the first thing about taking care of one. The book contains information covering a broad set of topics, but really doesn't get very in-depth about any of them. I actually prefer this as I was able to get a good chunk of basic information in the matter of 3 hours and feel a little bit more prepared. Highly recommended!

Also as noted on St. Patrick's day picture, I bought Galactic Civilizations II at the recommendations of Jefe le Grand. So far I like the game a little bit. My reservations may come from the fact that I have trouble with turn based strategy games (where is my bum rush?) or from the fact that this genre at some point can feel like a job as opposed to a game. But this game has the feature to end all features, the shipyard! It is like have legos and building spaceships all over again. This strategy really sparkles when you build the ships to your design and send them out. The design has little impact, but gives your race a feel of it's own. Noticed a bug so far where I can't load save games (ouch) but hopefully there will be a patch soon.


Dustin said...

I recommend "What to Expect When You're Expecting? It has great info about the pregnancy and some good info for the first few weeks after coming home. Those first few weeks are the ones where you need help. After that, you get the hang of things.
"What to Expect During the First Year" I didn't like. Your pediatriican will most likely give you a free book as well.
Also, now is the time to register with formula and diaper companies. They'll send you free stuff on your baby's due date and months to come. I'd get the formula even if Michelle is breast feeding, b/c there may come a time when you need formula to supplement.

Jay Heuer said...

Well, I am devouring everything Mr. Martin has written, and it is getting nasty out there. The Guardian, a British newspaper, said: "Characters so venemous they could eat the Borgias for breakfast"... Hang in there, the story is unfolding in ways you would never expect, and after a few books it is becoming appearant that it ... well, don't want to spoil the fun. If you cannot get the lastest (A Feast for Crows) let me know, I'll send you mine. I am also starting to read Robin Hobb, and that one is insane, too.

Reverend0 said...

Dustin... I think we have that one and it is definitely on my to read list. I know we have a couple of baby books that I have yet to get to (although they get bumped to the imminent status).

Jay... Definitely liking Martin (you should check out his blog ). He doesn't post much but occasionally it is interesting (never talks his books through from what I have seen). Robin Hobb is also on my to read list. I have the first 2 books from one of her series... although she has to wait till I get through Terry Goodkind. I love books!