Saturday, September 24, 2005

Argghh. Sick already

Less than two months here and I get my first cold. A nice friendly sinus infection. Otherwise things are moving forward. I however was planning on being healthy this weekend to finish off the unpacking and also be able to pop out to Ikea and pick up some furniture that we are in need of.

So, the job is going wonderfully. I really enjoy it. And the area still rocks. Very excited about Princess Blognoke's big news about Stink Pants #LA. Rock on.

Finally got propane so the grill is fired and I am officially home. Something about grilled chicken or really anything on the grill that makes things feel better. Of course, I don't feel like being outside right now.

Pretty darn excited about the upcoming Serenity movie. I am worried about being disappointed, but who cares. It is firefly.


John Knight said...

Get better Aaron, you need to be healthy so I can take you out with twin MG's next Friday. Also, Serenity will not such, for it shall be shiny.

Princess Blogonoke said...

You know who's awesome?


You know who else is awesome?

You for being excited for me! (and Stink Pants :-)

I'm also excited about the Firefly movie, and I haven't even seen many episodes. The trailer looks good though :-).

Ish said...

You seen it yet? I'm hoping I can make it this weekend, otherwise a couple more weeks probably.