Saturday, July 23, 2005

Move status

Things yet to do:
  1. Finish cleaning
  2. Take care of fish and tanks
  3. Finalize realtor stuff
  4. Get car move finalized
  5. Get stuff move finalized
  6. Pack our necessary stuff
  7. Move
So there we have it. I am sure I am missing stuff. Really feels like a lot to do. Cleaning will take a couple more days. We through out a lot of stuff so now it is just moving to locations so that the realtor can come in and get photos and final appraisal. From what he said, the market here right now is very, very slow. So it really depends on how I work the budget as to it we can wait out a better market. But I have concerns that the market may not get better. Got in my last xbox live for a while so that was fun. I ended up quitting early as my broadband was sucking. Tried to join Matches, but he was playing new maps that I had not downloaded yet. When I got back on, he was not there.

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