Saturday, June 18, 2005

Movie Review: Batman begins

Well, Batman began and began with a thunder. I was very impressed at the story and visual display of this movie. There was a general feel to the movie that was amazing and thrilling. What I found cool was the ability to set up the backdrop of Batman and Bruce Wayne without it feeling oppressive. Normally when they introduce a character and then move on to a main story it feels like there is two movies smashed together and neither feel right. This felt right.

Liam Neeson was simply amazing. He is just one of those charismatic guys that you can't stop watching. Amazing. Christian Bale however needed some help. He wasn't bad mind you, but I didn't get the feel of randomness out of Bruce Wayne nor did I get the sense of power or fear from Batman. Best Bruce Wayne is still Keaton and the best Batman is still Clooney even though those movies were perhaps the worst movies ever created. Worst. Uggg.

So what do I say? Resounding two thumbs up. 4.75 stars out of 5. Go See It!


Anonymous said...

I had no problems whatsoever with Bale. For a Batman who is himself learning the ropes of being Batman, he was pretty good. I hope he does the next one.

My own rating for the movie: 4.76/5.0, so there.

Anonymous said...

this is andy, by the way

Reverend0 said...

Hey if it were a scale of 4 I would be sorely tempted to give it a rating of pi, just cause I like pi cause it has sugar caine. As long as it is not made near the hudson river.