Thursday, October 28, 2004

email worked

Sometimes things just amaze me. Especially how slow it was. But either way. Road Posts here I come. Eventually.

So anyway.

Palm Pilot programming. You would think that they would make it easier to get going at. So I download the newest SDK and try to get it running. It warns me that it uses Cygwin for it's compilation and that if I have one already installed to uninstall it or not install the one that comes with the kit. Needless to say, I tried to keep the one that I have. To absolutely no avail. Big waste of time. So tomorrow I am going to uninstall both and try one more time.

Actually it turns out that 80% of a programmers job is just getting the tools working in an environment. You would think that this would not be the case and that it all would be much easier, sort of the brotherhood of programmers that sticks out for each other and builds awesome internal tools.

So instead we install all these tools to help and they end up hurting us until they get running. Once running they totally rock. But back to the beginning.

Boy is my wife's cat weird. I have a 110 gallon tank with fish in my basement. The cat decided to attack the fish just now. (Not when you are reading this) Of course all he got was glass tank. So you figure he would keep trying. Nope. He hits twice, gets frightened by the fish and runs away. Silly fat kitty. His name is Tigger, but I call him Thundercat, since everytime he jumps off a chair is sounds like thunder outside.

Peace out.

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